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The idea of creating Comm-ci Fashion was born from the need of five women who lived a hectic, busy life and felt that they had never enough outfits to wear during the week. These women sought an immediate solution that could provide them with a different look each day. They sought comfortable clothes, yet clothes that would be fashionable while fully shaping their body. Comm-ci well-designed leggings provided the solution for these issues and the Five + (plus) in our logo symbolizes the five women who founded the company and gave rise to this idea.


Our Stories
"I'm in love with my leggings! They are so comfy. I especially enjoy wearing them on Sundays for going out or just resting at home while cuddling my puppy."
"I'm so happy to have these super comfy high waisted leggings. They're definitely an essential item in my wardrobe. I cannot do without them"
"The high waist leggings are AMAZING! They are comfortable, soft and perfectly thick. They are great also for wearing on Saturday afternoons while relaxing with a good cup of coffee."


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Core Features

Fabric Quality

We use the best natural products. All our leggings are made from fine European Cotton, Dupont Lycra and Modal. Our quality fabric has good features of elasticity, lightness and opacity.

Unique Design

Our designs are known to well-form the body, strengthen the tummy, slim it and smooth it. Our unique leggings collections provide a perfect fit for women, they curve their body and create an amazing silhouette.

No Color fading

The fabric colors remain sharp and bright, meaning that our black, blue or gray fabric keeps its original color even after frequent washing. Our fabric is extremely hard-wearing and keeps always its shape and finish after washing.