Why water drops can do magic to your skin

Why water drops can do magic to your skin

Why water drops can do magic to your skin

When it comes to skin care, top beauty companies are searching for new ways to take advantage of the H20 virtues and they try finding creative ways to make it perform more effectively. The latest trend in this area comes from Korea

K-Beauty (Korea) latest skincare innovation is the "magic water drops". It is made up of microdroplets of water, which are seen as tiny beads of water form (like magic) when it is applied on the skin. These magic drops give your skin a soft cool touch while feeling lightweight

The main purpose of these products is to deliver that instant moisture surge we could all use right about now. The water drops optimize the skin’s ability to absorb and retain the moisture all day long without any need to add oil.

These products are suited for all types of skin, especially for those with dry skin or those who have that in-between skin type that needs hydration but doesn’t require a thick mask of cream that turns everything oily midday.

It seems that our good old-fashioned H20 delivers the goods. Water work! The results are amazing, your skin appears visibly smoother, you feel deeply moisturized in an instant plus it stays on your skin all day long. Can't get any better than this…

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