How to grow the perfect Eyebrows

How to grow the perfect Eyebrows

How to grow the perfect Eyebrows

Never underestimate the power of eyebrows, they define your total look and determine your facial features. So, don't neglect them, find the shape that best suits your face and preserves your look. Good brows can make the difference and make you look fabulous!  Here, are few tips on how to grow and achieve the perfect eyebrows.

Don't touch the Tweezers! To enable your brows to grow out, don't touch them at least for four months.  If you have removed a lot of hair it might take even a year or more to grow them back. In the meantime, during the growth phase, use brow fillers or pencils, to fill the holes.

Use Tweezers only to avoid unibrow. Put your forefinger between your brows and use an eyeliner pencil to mark a line around your upper finger. Take off your finger and only tweeze the hairs between the ends of the line. Of course, don't forget to erase the line.

Explore Tinting. It’s magic, you really must try it. It is super useful when growing out your brows because it magnifies all those new fine hairs.

Use brow conditioner to speed growth. Do it at night before sleeping, however, note that not all conditioners are suited for you. There is a wide selection of conditioners on the shelves with different active ingredients, only after experimenting with some of the products you will find the one that best suits you and does the work.

Shaping the brows. Congratulation! After having successfully passed the four months trial of the no tweezers phase and your brows are now filled in substantially, it's time to shape them. We warmly recommend going to a professional. You do not want to risk getting a bad result and go through the process all over again. Consult a professional about the best brow shape that can fit your face, look at a few celebrities' photos to get an idea on how your brows should look like.

Maintaining the perfect look. After deciding what will be your perfect brows shape,  you need every few days or weeks to carefully clean up errant hairs with tweezers. Always do it while having enough light and get really close to your mirror before using the slanted tweezers.

After gaining the perfect eyebrows and the right facial look, we recommend wearing Comm-ci stylish leggings and the outcome will be a completely beautiful stunning chic look.