Five Major Tips to Help you Grow a Healthy Long Hair

Five Major Tips to Help you Grow a Healthy Long Hair

Five Major Tips to Help you Grow a Healthy Long Hair

Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys & Sofia Vergara are all celebs which all have one super important thing in common, a very long hair. It's impressive, sexy and beautiful and we all want it.   However, this goal is not always easy to achieve. Some of us find it difficult to grow hair and sometimes our hair doesn't grow at all. The "good news" are that hair grows, but the "bad news" are that it grows slowly. Our hair can grow no more than a quarter of an inch to a half an inch a month, provided the hair is healthy and doesn't have a lot of split ends.  So, it's important for us to have patients because the outcome is worth it!

We can help you get the hair you always dreamt of by offering you hair care routine advice and tips that will help you get a healthy, longer and stronger hair. Enjoy!

1. Have your hair trimmed regularly to get rid of split ends. Getting a regular haircut will give the appearance that the hair is growing faster.

2. Do not apply a shampoo on your hair every time you get a shower, in order to enable for the natural oils to penetrate back into the hair, for repair and hydration.

3. Use conditioner daily and every time you shampoo. The conditioner helps to replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft and bring back the lost moisture to the hair

4. Have a few seconds of cold-water rinse before finishing your shower. Cold water helps prevent moisture loss; it seals the skin and strengthens the hair before styling it.

5. Never, ever use a brush! Replace the brush with a wide-toothed comb on wet tresses in order to prevent the hair from snapping or breaking. When you comb wet hair, be sure to start from the bottom and work your way up. It prevents knots and losing a lot of hair

After following our tips on how to achieve a longer hair, we also recommend wearing Comm-ci high waist skinny leggings to complete a perfect sexier look. Follow our guidance and you shall never be envy of celebs ever again!