The Diet That Will Change The Way you look and feel

The Diet That Will Change The Way you look and feel

The Diet That Will Change The Way you look and feel

We all try to find the perfect diet that will suit us best. It should be healthy and help us reduce weight. The "Clean Eating" diet (by Tosca Reno) not only claims to achieve this goal but allows us to eat more. Who can ask for more…

First, let's comprehend how this diet works. The basic idea of clean eating is in choosing foods that are closest to their natural state, there are almost no saturated fat or trans fats in the food, it includes eating whole foods and food products that are minimally processed and do not contain artificial ingredients, additives, or other potentially harmful chemicals. Clean eating mainly consists of fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and lean protein. This diet can also include a small quantity of red meats, nonfat dairy, fish and poultry. This kind of eating habit embraces a flexible approach; however, people who choose this kind of diet usually prefer having fresh fruits over artificial juice or are choosing whole grains rather than white bread. Tomatoes are in, ketchup is out

Secondly, clean eating has enormous health benefits. Where shall I start… the food is rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, thus we feel more energized, it increases our mental focus, improved digestion, and lower cholesterol reduces the risk of diseases, and even improves the health our hair & skin.

For us, women, who always search for ways to look slimmer and control our weight, clean eating, is just the perfect diet for us. Wholesome foods which are high in fiber, along with lean protein help reduce cravings and help satisfy hunger

And last, to achieve an effective clean eating diet, here are some useful tips. Prefer ancient grains over-refine grains. Refined grains lose much of their nutrients elements during the refining process. Ancient grains include Kamut, millet, barley, teff, oats, freekeh, bulgur, sorghum, Farro, quinoa, amaranth, etc.

It is recommended to drink a lot of water and avoid colorful mixed drinks in order to minimize toxins in our diet. Reduce the alcohol, however, a nightly glass of red wine, once in a while can be great. Also, avoid drinking in excess coffee or tea which contains sugar. It is preferable to brew your own coffee or tea and add a hint of honey or another natural sweetener to taste.

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