Blunt Bangs Curly Hair Style is Back

Blunt Bangs Curly Hair Style is Back

Blunt Bangs Curly Hair Style is Back

The vast majority of the bangs we notice in the media are straight, swooping side-bangs or blunt fringes, not really intended for curly hair women. However, top Argentine model, Mica Arganaraz, had changed this conventional look.

One thing that makes Arganaraz stand out from the rest of her colleagues is her unconventional approach to beauty. The model chooses the natural, messy, not trying too hard hair look. Her dark hair is curly shag naturally accompanied by a brow-skimming bang.

The Curly hair and curly bangs are both the hot new trends. Curly hair is trendy again, by giving women a natural, contemporary and chic look. The blunt bangs curly fringe adds to it a sexy look with a cool-girl element. This style is not about the perfect curl. It's about embracing a natural loose hair texture and gaining not contrived and undefined look.

After seeing on Arganaraz, that curly bang hair works and if I may add, works perfectly. It gives us, the curly haired women, hope.  To receive this amazing look, the trick is to work with, not against, our hair texture. This hairstyle constitutes from layers and blunt edges. The tighter the curls, the longer the layers should be. And last, the icing on the cake, is that this kind of hairstyle cut requires little hands-on styling time and it looks gorgeous framing the face. Thinking of giving it a chance…

To complete the sexy contemporary cool girl look gained by the new blunt bangs curly hairstyle, we recommend wearing Comm-ci leggings and the outcome will be gaining a perfect chic modern stylish look.